How to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero

Before you can sync anything, you need to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero

To begin with, log in at

Create a Connection

From the Stellarise Portal, click on "Create a New Connection". A drop-down menu will show up and you just need to click on the "New Stellarise Connector for Dynamics365 and Xero" badge.

Connect to Xero

This step allows the Connector to access your Xero information from the selected Xero Organisation.

In the connection page, the first step is to connect to Xero and give permission for the connector to access your Xero Organisation data. The connector does not store any financial data coming from your Xero or Dynamics 365 instances, it just syncs this data between the two systems.

Click on “Connect to Xero” button to allow Stellarise Connector to access your Xero endpoint. You will be taken to the Xero login page, where you have to login to Xero with your credentials.

Once you have logged in, select the Organisation you want to synchronise and click on “Allow access”.

Once connected, you will see your Xero Organisation name and a green tick instead of the original “Connect to Xero” button.

Install the Stellarise Solution

You need to install the Stellarise Connector managed solution into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance. You can do this with these two equivalent ways:

From the Microsoft Marketplace

Follow the web user interface offered by Microsoft AppSource to install the solution into your Dynamics 365 instance.

Or download and import the zip file

Download and install the Stellarise Solution for Dynamics 365 by following the steps:


  • A new window will open with the Settings area. Now you can select the Solutions.


  • Click on the ‘import solution’ button, select the downloaded .zip file and follow the installation flow provided by Dynamics365.

image2019-7-15_13-57-15 (1)

Connect to Dynamics 365

On your connection details page at

Click on the ‘Connect to Dynamics’ button and allow access to your Dynamics Organisation information (as per Xero):


Select your Dynamics Organisation from the list:


Once you have selected the Organisation from a list, if the connection is successful you will have a green tick by it. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Permissions

To be able to use Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero, the Dynamics user you connect with in the above steps must have the correct permissions; 3.5.0 What permissions does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user need? details these. 

Set the Subscription Type, Connection Name and Timezone

As a last step, set the defaults for the connector's behaviour as below:


  1. Connection name: Set the name of your connection, this will be shown in Dynamics 365
  2. Subscription: Select the plan you prefer to run your Stellarise connector.
  3. Time zone: Should be set as the same timezone as your Dynamics 365 and Xero.
  4. Last Run Datetime (UTC): shows when your connector was successfully running last time.


Confirm the connection is working

Once you created your connection by connected to Xero and Dynamics 365 a Stellarise Connector record will be created in your Dynamics 365 with the related Stellarise Connector Settings record.

In the next 5-10 minutes your connector will run and creates the Chart of Accounts, Tax types and Branding Themes record from Xero into your Dynamics 365 instance.