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Create your Connector Account

Manage all of your subscribed connections and set up trials other Connector products from your Connector account.

Find out about all of our Connectors at https://connector.stellarise.com

New Account

Register your details at https://connector.stellarise.com/register or by clicking on the “Register” link on the left top corner of the login page at https://connector.stellarise.com/login.


Once registered, an email is sent with a link to confirm your email and set your password. Choose a strong password that is at least 8 characters long and includes capital letters, small letters, numbers and a least one special character e.g. exclamation mark.




After successfully creating your password, you are ready to go!


The link reported in the "password reset" email has an expiration time limit. From when you receive the email, you have 30 minutes to reset it, otherwise you will need to press "Forgotten password" again.

Existing Users

If you've already registered, any existing user can login at https://connector.stellarise.com/login using the registered email and password.


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